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Improving global health by boosting women's sexual knowledge and pleasure

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Our Solution

Organa is developing a sexual wellness platform combining an App for sexual knowledge and consultation (AI) with a biosensors-equipped product (IoT) to offer consumers insights and recommendations and create Big Data for research.


Organa is the first sexual wellness venture to collect emotional data on top of physical data!

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Why Organa?

Organa's goal is to create a world where women feel comfortable and confident with their bodies and enjoy their sexuality, where sexual pleasure is destigmatized and celebrated. 

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Lack of Knowledge

Very little information about sexual wellness is known and even less is shared.

An estimated 25% of US women don’t know where their vagina is.

Lack of Education

Only 42.8% of all US  high schools provide sexual health education (which doesn’t include pleasure), approved by the CDC.

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Lack of Pleasure

40% of US women have never experienced the joy of an orgasm.

25% of the adults in the U.S. have sexual dysfunction.

Nearly 50% have sexual complaints in a relationship.

[I]rregular sex is cited as one of the three most common reasons for divorce.

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Lack of Comfort  

52% of the US consumers prefer to use voice assistant for health care issues rather than consult with a human being

Sexual Wellness

Well-being in relation to sexuality across all aspects: physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual.

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Studies have shown that having sex regularly

(once to twice a week) assists with

Improved immune system,
better sleep, more energy

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